How a leading NY Photo Studio
increase revenues by 2-3x with us

Pixofix guarantees super-fast product image retouching
at prices more competitive than in-house retouching.

About the brand

As a full-service creative studio, the studio activates at every step of the creative process—from conceptualizing groundbreaking ideas and products, to producing and distributing them. 

With multiple years of experience nurturing and empowering new generations of creators, it serves proudly as a connector between the established and the emerging.

With increased retouching costs across North America, they were looking for a reliable partner to outsource part of their retouching.

What we did

Pixofix was able to seamlessly integrate with their retouching process and turn around great product photos for 2-3x less cost than in-house editors.

Greater efficiency in the process allowed the photo studio to focus on the revenue generating aspects of their company, which help increase their profits while at the same time reducing expenses.

“Pixofix has been a great post-production partner.
Their attention to details on product retouching is unparalleled.
John Hughes
Creative Director, NY


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